So how long do condoms last ?

Just like the age , Here’s another BIG question..Well just like any other product Condoms do expire. So, before buying your condoms make sure that you check the expiry date which is always given on the packaging.

In general, a latex condom can last for about 6 years provided they are kept at an optimal condition which means in a cool and dry place.


Does it matter if a condom is expired


If a condom has reached its expiry date that means it has decreased its flexibility and it will be dry and brittle.

So what happens?

This can reduce the effectiveness of your condom and it will easily break off. This means that there is a chance of sperms leaking through the broken condom which will put you at great risk. so condoms do expire and it is a must that the expiry date is checked.


Do condoms expire based on the place its been stored?


It’s a definite yes.. you have to always keep them in a cool, dry and dark place for them to be in their best form. The moment you allow them to be exposed to cold or heat they would expire fast and become unusable.

Keeping them inside the car or wallet might not be a good idea which would expose them to great heat and the material will break down. Before using the condom check if it looks sticky or dry from which you will know it needs to be thrown away rather than using on you.



Few tips you should know…


  • Do not ever re use a condom


  • Try to squeeze the air out of the condom when you are rolling it over your skin


  • You should always hold the condom in place before using on the skin for a good grip


  • Before you put it on try to feel to make sure that its not dry or too watery as both are bad. If it feels dry that means the original lubrication on it is no longer there and too watery means you shouldn’t be using the condom.


  • Packaging always matter. If you find any holes or rips on the packaging that means, there is a high chance the condom been damaged and filled with air. Do not take a risk with using such product


  • Condoms do not come with a smell. If you feel there is some unpleasant smell it probably means the condom has expired and unusable.


  • Do not use a female condom and a male condom together. They are to be used to complement each other and not to be used together. The polythene effect will result in both sticking together.


  • When removing the condom after an intercourse make sure you hold it tight so that it will not tear off.


  • Using a lubricant is always good to have a smooth intercourse and it will also help the condom not to break off.



As much as you try to protect yourself by using the condom, you have to make sure it is used the correct way to avoid any un pleasant situations.

So the basic idea is that how long do condoms last will not only be decided with the expiry date, you have to always ensure they are kept at a safe place..

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