How old do you have to be to buy condoms 

Did you just found your sweet heart during your last summer camp and pretty sure she is the one for you?

Let’s be honest….Well, now the next thing that would pop up to your mind is how to get physical with her…..

Then the next big question is “how old do you have to be to buy condoms” because you are thinking of that embarrassing moment of walking into a pharmacy and being turned down as an under age to buy condoms.


First, let’s get this straight ! we all know that sex and condoms are considered as taboos in most parts of the world. But one thing to know is that condoms are not scary evils. They in fact exist to protect us ! If you are thinking of having sex at a young age ( I am not suggesting that… it’s a choice ) do not risk your life and your partners’ with unprotected sex… It is a definite must that you get your hands on condoms so that you both can be at ease…


So going back to our burning question…how old do you have to be to buy condoms?? What if I tell you that there is NO such age to buy them!! Yes.. it is easy as that. To add more spark let me also tell you that condoms are considered to be health products in many parts of the world, especially, here in United states.


So, you are not harming yourself but protecting yourself with your purchase and more over, you are acting as a responsible human being by saying yes to protected sex.


Where to buy Condoms

Usually walking into one of the walmarts you can easily buy them off the shelves but you might face some difficulties with the pharmacists in local stores if you look too young to buy them..

So let me give you few suggestions where you can easily buy condoms without a hassle

  • wawa
  •  Gulf
  • lukoil
  • shell
  • Valero
  • Hess
  • Exxon
  • Sunoco
  • BP
  • American Gas
  • 7-Eleven brand gasoline


Why use condoms 

How old do you have to be to buy condoms | why use condoms

Before making the choice of buying one for you, you should always know what consequences are there for you for using condoms.


You might be totally in love with your partner but you have no guarantee over the number of people he or she has had sex with rite… so this is a great way of safe guarding yourself from dangerous diseases like HIV. Even the modern technology hasn’t been able to find the exact cure for HIV and  you simply cannot risk your life for the pleasure of maybe few minutes.


What about pregnancy ?

Teen pregnancy - how old do you have to be to buy condoms

Well condoms not only protect you from scary HIV it can save you from the doubt of being pregnant. Imagine going through a pregnancy in high school….ummmm not something pleasant to think about.

So every time you think of sexual intercourse make sure you have a condom ready for you!



Male condoms .. female condoms … what are they ? 


Female condoms - fit condoms

If you are wondering the difference between the two types, male condoms are worn on the penis while the female condoms are worn inside the vagina.

male latex condom

The most common one would be male condoms and both will work just fine to give you the protection. Basic idea here is to prevent male sperms reaching out to one of her eggs which can result in pregnancy.


What to check in your condom 

Buying a condom is not at easy as buying a cough syrup from your pharmacy, but once you know the basic rules of choosing the correct one for you, you are set for life with condoms..


 Condom Size

The general fact about condoms is that they fit all types of penis. You would notice that the usual American condoms are with about 7.5 inch length and about 2- 2.1 base diameter and this should fit in to most of the people without a problem. The most important thing is that it fits tightly to your penis through out the time you are at sexual intercourse. Otherwise there is a tendency for it to remove on its on and make it messy for you..

See Here for your PERFECT FIT Condom size  ..





condom brands new

Buying a good brand is always important. Cheap products might give you allergy, especially if you have sensitive skin. On the other hand it can cause irritation which will make you feel uncomfortable which is something you clearly don’t want to happen.

Some famous brands you should be looking at would be

  • Trojan
  • LifeStyles
  • Durex

Now a days they introduce different kinds of flavors which can be something fun to try if you are up for it!

How about trying some different styles as well??



How much do condoms cost ?

Buying condom is obviously not gonna cost you a fortune even though it is a life saver. Prices usually start with about USD 4 – 5 if you are looking at a packet with 3 condoms.


………..Let me read your mind… is this what you are thinking ………….. ok


Find out how much each brand will cost you



Will condoms make you less pleasurable ?

will condoms make you less pleasurable

There is a common belief that a condom is a barrier to pleasure in sexual intercourse. Well it can be the case if you get hold of a really cheap brand but generally this is not the case especially with the products you would find in USA. Doesn’t matter which part of USA you are in because we got the best products available.


If you are very sensitive go for bare skin ( Trojan ), you might even forget the fact you are wearing one after a while.


Think about how much you can relax when you know that you and your partner is protected. So in a way condoms can make you feel comfortable which would bring you closer to each other.


Try out polyurethane condoms which helps to conduct the body heat and make you feel good. If you still find it irritating, using a lubricant might be a good idea. It will decrease the friction between the condom and your skin and it could even enhance the feeling all together… Also see , how long do condoms last while you are busy wearing them



Contraception… have you got it rite


Contraception are various methods of preventing unwanted pregnancy or STI and out of many methods such as combined pill, vaginal ring, contraceptive injections, condoms is one easy method!


Most of the youngsters are of the belief that contraception is the total responsibility of the female and male party doesn’t need to worry about that at all.


That’s a total wrong way of looking at it… It is the responsibility of both parties. By taking precautions you are not only taking care of each others sexual health, it is also a way of showing love and care for your partner.


So now that you have solved your big question how old do you have to be to buy condoms, head straight to the store near by with confidence !

Welcome to a world with no fear and more pleasure !